Merger and Acquisition

Merger and Acquisition Advisory Company in India

Managing the strategic assets of an organization can be critical to the success of a company. Acquisitions and divestitures play a critical role in the future of a company and the enhancement of shareholder value.

From a company’s perspective, a merger or acquisition usually brings an opportunity for faster growth, access to capital, brand and market while from the view point of established enterprises the need to enhance skill sets and expand into new areas act as primary motivators for an M&A transaction.

As a result of our extensive international network and deep relationships across industries globally, our ability to identify and engage with the correct parties enables us to successfully complete transactions.

M&A Advisory Services in India

We handle all aspects of M&A facilitation, providing critical support in the following areas:

  • Evaluating and appraising companies
  • Designing and implementing an acquisition strategy
  • Introducing potential buyers or sellers
  • Providing guidance for the timing of specific transactions
  • Developing and preparing offering memorandums
  • Intermediating the negotiation of sale agreements or terms of a purchase
  • Intermediating the negotiation of compensation agreements with management teams
  • Intermediating the negotiation of agreements with capital sources for deal funding

Selling A Business

During the life of nearly every business owner, there comes a point when one contemplates selling all or part of the company. For some owners, the decision to sell a business and transfer the risks and responsibilities to someone else is the clear choice. For others, the decision to sell may not be so cut and dry. It may make more sense to seek a financial partner who really understands the industry and the business opportunities a recapitalization would bring.

Buying A Business

As most business sales are confidential, you’ll rarely see a For Sale sign posted in front of a business that is on the market.  So, when you’ve decided to invest in an existing company, how do you go about locating that one business that fits your goals and budget. Buying a business is a complex process that requires expertise in researching and identifying acquisition prospects, initiating conversations, and recommending strategies for making an offer. 

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