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Valuation of businesses, assets and alternative investments for financial reporting, tax and other purposes. When companies require an objective and independent assessment of value, they look to FinLender.

Why Valuation??

Business owners spend considerable time and energy trying to enhance company value by developing growth plans with well-defined goals. These plans are designed to maximize value over time, but it’s hard to achieve those goals without knowing where to begin.
Not only do owners need to understand what their business is worth today, they also need to know what supports and drives that value. In this case, a valuation usually serves as a reality check for owners with a biased or uninformed viewpoint on what their business is worth.

Purpose of Valuation

To sell the product, brand, or part of the business

Negotiation and business gaining

To measure the equity interest

Assists founders in evaluating companies

Joint Venture alliances for bankruptcies, fusions, and acquisitions

Our Valuation Services

1. Business Valuation

Business valuation is an essential element that facilitates information instrumental in devising business plans and investment strategies.

2. Tangible Assets Valuation

Tangible assets include real property such as land, building, leases, and personal property such as computers, equipment, machinery, furniture, fixtures, leasehold improvements, etc. It is crucial to value tangible assets for the following business situations.

3. Intangible Assets Valuation

Intangible assets are critical to the growth and the overall value of a particular business. It is, of course, difficult to determine the value of intangible assets. However, despite the challenges, it is an essential element of every business.

4. Startup Valuation

At FinLender, we have mass years of experience and expertise in helping startups value their business, through the best startup evaluation methods, thereby helping you determine the true value of your venture.

5. Valuation Under Income Tax

We are the best values for income tax, wealth tax and gift tax, capital gains tax, etc.

6. Valuations For Disputes Settlements

We understand how difficult it is to carry out valuations for dispute settlements. Every dispute is distinct, and therefore, it requires a team of experts to deal with legal, administrative and technical complexities involved in every dispute type, and its settlement.

7. Valuations For Mergers, Demergers, Corporate Restructuring

We are a team of independent and reliable chartered accountants with over ten years of experience, offering merger valuation services for diverse business domains.

8. Valuation Under Discounted Cash Flow

We use DCF in cases wherein we are required to judge the value of the business based on its future potential. We are one of the best discounted cash flow valuation consultants, offering business valuation services through DCF for a range of businesses.

9. Valuation under Sweat Equity/ ESOP

we provide services for the valuation of sweat equity shares. We are also known as ESOP consultants in India.

10. Fairness Opinions for Existing Valuation

We are a team of highly qualified professionals offering comprehensive fairness opinion reports for a valuation done by a valuer. So, if you are a company eyeing a critical and impacting transaction, approach us to frame the fairness opinion report of your transaction.

11. Valuation Under Convertible Instruments

We offer valuations under convertible instruments to a wide range of businesses. We employ a team of experienced and authorized people who help our clients perform valuation under convertible instruments.

12. Foreign Direct Investment Valuation

According to FDI guidelines, shares must be fairly valued as per any of the internationally accepted pricing methodology. At FinLender, we are authorized to conduct FDI valuations.

Why Finlender??

FinLender Valuation Advisory Services, helps clients fulfill most complex financial and tax reporting valuation requirements. Using our finance, accounting and tax expertise and knowledge of sophisticated valuation methodologies, we help address critical valuation issues when clients need us most. As a leading Valuation advisor, we help our clients to satisfy regulatory reporting requirements, make confident investment decisions, maximize value and manage risk.

Combining accounting experience with valuation expertise.

Prioritizing transparency & honesty.

Consistent balance of quality and precision.

Profound Technical Expertise

Strong and Experienced Team

Extensive Track Record

Amidst the growing competition of valuation services providers in India, we, at FinLender, stand out from the crowd, as we offer a wide range of valuation services. We carry vast experience in valuation advisory services. We nurture a team of professionals across that perpetually updated with the latest accounting standards, and amendments, and works tirelessly towards fulfilling customer commitments.

So, if you are looking forward to trustworthy, and a comprehensive range of valuation services in India, or anywhere else across the country, regardless of the industry you operate in, connect with us today!

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