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We build stories of success that empower visionary founders to communicate their ideas, convince investors, and secure funding. We take confidentiality, security, and privacy very seriously so you can feel confident that your Investor deck, financials and the ideas within are secure.

Type of Pitch Decks

The importance of a high-quality startup pitch deck for investors cannot be undermined. A pitch deck is the first thing that will make an impression on the investor. Keeping it Simple – Investors have a short attention span and we make sure that they don’t lose interest. Our team of professional researchers, writers, designers, and financial analysts get the perfect pitch deck to scale your company.

Angel Investment Deck

Venture Capital Deck

Private Equity Deck

Venture Debt

An average human’s attention span lasts for 8 seconds

The key to persuading someone is to grab their attention first and then make them believe in you using the terms they want to hear. An average human’s attention span lasts for 8 seconds. It’s the same with the investors. If you are not able to grab their attention within the first few seconds, chances are that you won’t be able to win it afterward too. And that’s where an investor pitch deck comes in. It has become a common tool for startup founders and business leaders. A well-designed, comprehensive pitch presentation is vital to convincing investors that your company has massive growth potential, so you can get the resources you need to scale.

Everything included to leave a lasting

Investors get tons of pitch decks. Before they even start looking at the products, they look at the pitch deck presentation and see if it looks interesting. Our pitch decks are created with the investor perspective in mind and are immediately able to grab the attention of global investors.


Quick intro on who you are and why you are here.


Identify two or three problems that your product will tackle.


Present a clear and concise solution that investors can easily follow.


Identify market size and opportunity in measurable numbers


Show off the actual product or service your business is selling.


Focus on growth, major goals and next steps of your business.


Introduction of your most committed team members.


Analysis of your main competitors and why you’ll beat them.


P&L forecast, profit margin and other compelling metrics.


Statement of how much funds you need and what you’ll use it for.

We are the team you need to succeed

Trust us, we have diverse experience working with various industries. Once associated, we ensure that your company becomes pitch perfect.

Investor’s Perspective

Our team comprises consultants and designers with proven experience in making professional presentations. we see your business with the eyes of your future partners and investors.

Beautiful Design

Every presentation designed by us is crafted from scratch. Because we understand that cookie-cutter templates can be equally damaging as unprofessionally designed slides.

Deep Industry Knowledge

Thorough experience grants us the best foundation to provide you pitch deck for investors that cannot be overlooked.

Professionally Researched

With access to numerous professional sources and research methods, our pitch deck service will provide accurate and important data.


We closely work with decision makers and sign an NDA. Naturally, we do not publish any material (even redacted samples) without the client’s approval.

Flexible Approach

We are open to working on anything from reinventing pre-existing slides to creating the entire presentation along with the content. Yes, we do it all!

No Content Stipulation

We accept projects of all types and sizes, we do not discriminate. Feel free to share any scale of project to us. We deliver the best results.

Fast Turnaround

More often than not, business presentations have a tight deadline. Time and again our team has delivered beautifully designed presentations in fast turnaround.

Design Process at Finlender

Providing Well Designed, Persuasive Presentations for Corporate and Startups is our forté.


At the beginning, we interview our clients to develop a firm understanding of the company, target consumers and demographics. Our analysts and consultants identify competition and start researching on market trends.


Our creative process starts with content gathering and mapping. This enables us to be creatively aligned to our client’s expectations and create impactful content for the pitch deck.


Our consultants oversee the development and structure of the deck, and provide insights for strategic information in the narrative. Lastly, we conduct a final review with the client before the deliverable is sent out.

If you require additional support regarding Pitch Book or Start-ups Presentation or Pitch Deck for funding don’t hesitate to reach out to our Financial Advisor. They are available to provide you with expert guidance and insights. You can either directly speak with our advisor or simply request a call back at your convenience. We are committed to assisting you in creating compelling and impactful pitch decks that captivate investors and propel your business forward. Contact us today to take the next step towards your fundraising success!

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