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FinLender Funding Essential team can furnish you with expertly arranged project reports over different tasks for miniature, little, medium, and huge undertakings. 

Create Reports That Make Every Business Happen

Preparing a detailed project report is not an easy task. It requires experts to collect huge historical data and analyze various aspects of the business such as the market, competitors, demand, fund sources, risks, etc. FinLender can furnish you with expertly arranged detailed project reports over different tasks for miniature, little, medium, and huge undertakings.

Let’s Understand What Project Report is?

A project report for new business conducts a profound road map for effectual business ventures. It discusses whether the business requires finance or not, the challenging risks, several problems en-route, etc. Hence it becomes vital for every new business to prepare a project report, to acquaint them with forewarning issues.

Why do you need Detailed Project Report??

Report is an indispensable tool for both stakeholders and project managers. Irrespective of the fact that your business is a startup or a growing business, a project report can help you make your business dreams come true. 

A roadmap

Shows the right direction

Attract lenders and investors

Financial assistance

Cost Management

Tools of control

Source of information

Drives project success

Everything included to leave a lasting impression

Detailed project report is extremely important in order to turn the idea of your project into a reality. A Project DPR acts as a ladder towards success to make your project reach great heights. If the project report is prepared by putting a tremendous amount of effort into details, you will surely get good results later. A project report format must include the following information:

  • Executive Summary
  • Project Background
  • Promoters’ Background
  • Business Model
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Infrastructure, Plant & Machinery
  • Market Assessment (Demand & Supply)
  • Cost of the Project
  • Raw Material Requirement
  • Means of Finance / Financial Structuring
  • Financial Forecasts
  • Project Implementation Plan

Financials of the Project include:

  • Expenses of Land and Building
  • Cost of Plant and Machinery
  • Other Fixed Assets
  • Fixed Capital Investment and cost
  • Cost of Raw Material and Production
  • Pay rates and Wages Costs
  • All about Working Capital required
  • Cost of the whole Project
  • Complete Capital Investment
  • Turnover per Annum
  • Benefit Analysis
  • 5-year Projections and Profit Analysis
  • Equal the initial investment Point Analysis
  • Assets of Finance
  • Income Statement
  • Extended Financial explanations

Our Process

Why FinLender??

We can provide you with professionally prepared project reports on over various projects for micro, small, medium and large enterprises. We are acknowledged in the industry as a reckoned firm in presenting Project Report Services. Our experts will take only necessary information from you related to the project and streamline the information in a presentable form as acceptable by different government departments.

High Customer Satisfication

Quality Project Delivery

Time and Cost Saving


Transparent Development Process

Weekly Status Update

A detailed project report has innumerable benefits in order to drive a project toward the path of success. Hence it is vital to get a Project Report or Project DPR prepared by an experienced person/firm like Finlender that holds relevant experience and skillset to leave no stone unturned. Putting the DPR preparation task into the hands of an inexperienced person can also cause you to lose a lot of money, so choose wisely.

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