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There is a lot of theory and resources online telling different ways to pitch your Startup and We have seen most great business ideas fall because of a lack of funding. And the question one might ask is if the idea is great why do investors not end up backing a start-up?

A Pitch deck is a primary tool used by founders to convince potential investors of their company’s value, and it lets them structure their company narrative in a way that quickly captures the VC’s attention.

Investors get tons of pitch decks. Before start looking at the products and services, they look at the pitch decks and see if it looks interesting. You would be thinking about How to Build Your Seed Round Pitch Deck or how to make a pitch deck for a startup. Don’t worrywe guide you and help you createthebest Pitch Deck for Startups with an investor perspective in mind that will immediately grab the attention of global investors.

Sure, looks matter. But investors are interested most in the content of your pitch. That’s why we guide you through the effective process of telling a clear story that will excite investors about your startup. No other pitch deck template for startups does this.

The initial pitch deck for seed funding should not be more than 12 – 15 slides. At the seed stage, details and numbers are not considered much. Investors are keen to understand if the concept involves a real opportunity or not, whether the business case is strong, if the team is competent, well-rounded, or committed, and the traction that team and company have been able to achieve so far.

How To Make the Perfect Seed Funding Pitch?

  1. Introduction of the Company – 

Present a brief overview of the company and also mention the analysis of its operation.

  1. Vision and Mission Statement – 

Show the company’s vision and mission statement along with its Current Scenario, short-term plan, and what the company wants to become.

  1. Key Problems faced by Customers in Current Market – 

This will include all the key pain points of the customers along with the current solution available in the market and what solution you are offering through the company’s products and services.

  1. Unique Selling Points of the Company – 

Just provide the unique benefits offered by the company through its service, product, and brand that enables it to stand out from the competitors.

  1. Why this is the best time to enter the market? – 

Better explain the current scenario of the market and the issues which the customers are facing and how your product and service will create a bigger demand for target segments.

  1. Business Model followed by the company – 

Focus on presenting the key points that will include value proposition, target customer, revenue sources, cost structure, etc.

  1. Key senior executive – 

Provide the name, designation, and brief biography of key senior-level executives.

  1. Total Revenue opportunity available for product and service – 

Mention key facts to give an overview of the market. Key points include population, estimated consumer, uncaptured market, total addressable market, and Overall market. 

  1. Go to Market Strategy –  

Highlight your go-to-market strategy of the company and cover market analysis, marketing selection, customer acquisition, etc.

  1. Competitor Analysis and How you outperformed – 

Provide the key competitor’s name and the company’s plan to win over the competition. Mention the strategies and points that provide a competitive landscape related to features.

  1. Financial Projection for the next five years – 

Mention the forecast of the company’s income statement the for next 5 years. Key financials include Revenue, Cost of sale, Gross profit/ margin, operating expenses, net income, etc. You can also mention the revenue forecast of the company by its products. It will include a forecast of no. of units sold and price per unit for the next 5 years.

  1. Present Value of the Organization – 

Provide the company valuation through discounted free cash flows for the next five years.

  1. Capitalization Table Pre Vs Post Investment –

Mention the capital structure of the company prior to pre-seed investment and post the investment.

  1. Fund Raised and Its Utilization – 

Provide the amount you want to raise for business and where will the company can utilize that complete amount.

  1. Future Growth timeline for the investors – 

Provide the future growth plans of the company at different stages: Initial stage, Growth stage, Expansion Stage, and Established stage.

Framing all the above-mentioned pointers correctly and preciously will help you show potential investors the amount of time, dedication, effort, and research you’ve put into building your business at this stage. Seed fundraising will not only grow a more sophisticated and competitive edge for you over the next few years, and a clearly structured investor pitch deck will help you convince investors that your idea has the potential to be the next big thing in the future.

Are you looking for the best pitch deck for seed funding? Or are you looking for a pitch deck for Startups or an investment pitch deck for startups that can lend you investment? Or do you have a great idea and looking to prepare a great investor pitch deck for startups. We’ve got you covered for all of these! Make your big idea shine with our pitch deck for Startup India.

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