Pre-Seed Investment

If you’re a first-time founder and your business is still in the proof-of-concept stage or not yet generating enough revenue to support your growth or expansion, you may be able to raise pre-seed funding from FinLender to get your business off the ground.

How Finlender helps you??

We’ve been there

Having worked with many Pre-seed Investors, we provide resources and solutions to support initiatives across the entire finance function. We provide objective and unbiased advice and funding to fulfil our clients’ utmost needs.

We’re flexible

We have a well-rounded perception of what’s at stake for investors and their operating partners. Finlender brainstorm with management, manage multiple investors and coordinate with service providers for Due Diligence process.

We’re a trusted partner

We value long-term client relationships and think of ourselves as a trusted advisor. We bring a client-first approach to each engagement and supply services that add value throughout the transaction and investment life cycle.

When is your startup ready for pre-seed funding?

There is no single rule for when a business is ready to raise a pre-seed round, however, there are a few indicators that may indicate this is the right decision:

  • You have a minimum viable product (MVP) that shows early signs of traction
  • You have the data or proof that shows potential for product-market fit
  • You have a team with the needed background and experience
  • You are in the early stage of onboarding relevant customers
  • Revenue is in the forecast
  • You are ready to develop the first prototype and need capital to support this

Our Well-Defined Process

We support founders in the early days of founding their business with knowledge, contacts, and operational support without asking for any commitments. Our goal is to connect talented & passionate people while serving as an entrepreneurial sparring partner and fostering an exchange between new and seasoned founders within the Startup community

Step 1

Generate Deal Flow

Step 2

Evaluate the transaction

Step 3

Signing of the Term-Sheet

Step 6

Deal Closure

Step 5

Finalize legal documents

Step 4

Due Diligence

We focus on working with independent and founder-driven companies. Our potential Pre-Seed investment offer upon the foundation of a company remains optional for the entrepreneurs to accept. This clearly differentiates our investment approach from incubation or accelerator programs. After a potential Pre-Seed investment, the offering for entrepreneurs doesn’t stop. We provide substantial support for our Pre-Seed portfolio companies to reach and cross the inflection point.

Connect with our Financial Advisor to know more about Pre-Seed Investor or Pre-Seed investment in India or Pre-Seed Investment companies or Pre-Seed Investment Platform or Funding for Startup or Pre-Seed investments.

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