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We help companies to secure a working capital term loan from financial institutions to support their day-to-day operations and improve their working capital finance.

FinLender provides comprehensive working capital solutions, including working capital loan or term loan, with flexible financing options. Our expert team understands the critical importance of working capital for businesses and offers tailored financial strategies to optimize your cash flow and liquidity. Whether you require working capital funding or working capital limit, overdraft limit or Cash Credit Limit. FinLender has got you covered. With our seamless process, competitive rates, and personalized service, we empower businesses to thrive and seize opportunities.

Overdraft Limit: –

  • An overdraft limit is an operative account, which is allowed to be operated up to a pre-sanctioned limit.
  • The borrower may remit funds into the account reducing the debit balance or he may draw on the account up to the limit.
  • The Target Group is Individuals, Traders and Industrial Concerns.
  • The overdraft may be unsecured, partly secured or fully secured against a pledge, mortgage or hypothecation of securities acceptable to the Bank.

Cash Credit Limit: –

  • A cash credit limit is a drawing account against a credit limit granted by the Bank and is operated in almost the same manner as an Overdraft account.
  • The distinction between an Overdraft and a Cash Credit is in the nature of the security.
  • When the advance is secured by the pledge/hypothecation of goods or products, it is treated as a Cash Credit Account.
  • The security may be changed from time to time according to the borrower’s business requirement provided it always fully covers the balance outstanding in the account (with the stipulated margin).

Bill Purchase / Discounting:

  • Post-Sale limits are extended by way of discounting/ purchasing of bills/cheques, advances against book debts etc.
  • Bill Purchase – These may be like on-demand Clean or Documentary bills being the bills payable on demand drawn on outstation centres for which immediate credit is afforded to your business account less our discount and handling charges.
  • Usance Bill Purchased – Usance Clean or Documentary bills are bills payable on the due date after expiry of the usance period drawn on drawees/payees against which immediate credit is given to your business account less interest for the usance period, handling charges, postage etc.
  • Cheques Discounted – Outstanding cheques/drafts drawn on our bank or other banks are purchased and immediate credit is afforded to your business account less our discount/commission.


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