What Is The NPA Amount in 2023

Unfortunately, there’s no single definitive answer to the NPA amount in 2023 for India. Here’s why:

NPAs can be Gross or Net: There are two main ways to measure NPAs: gross and net. Gross NPAs consider all loans overdue, while net NPAs account for provisions made by banks to cover potential loan losses.

However, both figures are available:

Gross NPA in March 2023: ₹5,71,515 crores [Indian Rupees] ([Ministry of Finance Year Ender 2023])
Net NPA ratio in March 2023: 3.9% (Scheduled Commercial Banks) (The Economic Times: m.economictimes.com)

Additional Points:

NPAs can fluctuate throughout the year: The figures mentioned above are for a specific point in time (March 2023). NPA amounts can change as loans become non-performing or are recovered.
NPAs can be reported for different bank categories: The figures above are for Scheduled Commercial Banks (SCBs) which include public and private sector banks.
If you’re looking for a specific NPA figure, it’s helpful to clarify if you need gross or net NPA and for which type of bank (all SCBs, public sector banks, or private sector banks). You might also specify a timeframe (e.g., average NPA throughout 2023).

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